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transportation of salts

Christine Klassen Gallery  2022

transportation of salts


Society has grown accustomed to a complex industrial agricultural system that pollutes water, land and food with abundant chemicals. As is, it threatens the ability for the planet to sustain agriculture as we know it. 


Geologic and hydrologic processes bring salts to Earth's surface over time, but human activities such as mining and land development are rapidly accelerating the natural "salt cycle." Agriculture, construction, water and road treatment, and other industrial activities can also intensify salinization, which harms biodiversity and makes drinking water unsafe in extreme cases.

"If you think of the planet as a living organism, when you accumulate so much salt it could affect the functioning of vital organs or ecosystems," - from

These photographs were made on a site in Lethbridge county AB, the toy tractor tires from the salt flat were cast in hydrostone, and the red plant salt and pickled seabeans are both homemade from the site.

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