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Born in Winnipeg MB, to parents of Mennonite and Polish descent, Bryce currently lives and works in Moh’kinstsis, Treaty 7 territory or Calgary, AB. 

At first studying to become a chef, then changing course to journalism, Bryce found his way to art through photography as medium of expression and spent 10 years making images for national magazines and news outlets, before shifting to a fine art practice.


The experience of producing images for assignment work led him to perpetually investigate place along with story, this practice helped to form an interest in what was often excluded from the frame, a persistent reminder to look elsewhere, to change perspective, to find a different story.


As an artist and filmmaker, a concern with how food is grown/made/shared and what stories are told about this process, is sewn together with a love of discarded scenes, over looked histories, themes of humour, memory, healing, way-finding, and being able to laugh in the face of personal misfortune. 


Bryces work makes use of photography, video, new/archival/found images, digital manipulation, historical food narratives, found objects, and a desire to see in new ways, with a goal of establishing new stories out of this process.


Bryce’s work has been published and shown internationally, and is part of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and Bow Valley College collections.

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