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all roses sleep (inviolate light)
1 min trailer
2022, 4K ultraviolet olfactory video, full video 14:10



all roses sleep (inviolate light) an olfactory video by Alana Bartol and Bryce Krynski, blends how bees and humans experience and use the land around us.


Shot using ultraviolet video, visitors are invited to see the prairie landscape from a bee’s point of view along with a scratch and sniff card that expands on the pleasant and pungent experience of pumpjacks, grazing cattle, prairie grasses, and wildflowers. As the solitary bee searches and dreams of a rose, the work is meant to conjure questions about our shared future.

I worked on designing and making some of the scents for this piece, Alana and I designed the card and print-a-scent in Tennessee printed the stickers for us, the scents in order of the bees course through the film are:

1) natural gas
2) yarrow
3) manure
4) sage
5) wild rose

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