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Born in Winnipeg, Treaty 1 territory to Polish and Mennonite parents, Bryce currently lives and works in Treaty 7 territory, in Moh’kinstsis, or Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


At first studying to become a chef, then changing course to journalism, Bryce found his way to photography as medium of expression and spent 10 years making images for national magazines and news outlets. The experience of producing images for assignment work led him to focus on what was happening behind the story, specifically what was generally excluded from the frame. This desire to look deeper and experiment with how information is found, recorded and re-produced, has followed Bryce into his art. 

Artist Statement

I consider a slow unearthing and reconstruction of my severed family ties and traditions, as an unfolding map for ways of knowing and connecting to the past, present and future.

My research currently focuses on the relationships between memory, belief, trauma, displacement, histories of loss, religion, cults and a deeper unpacking of my Canadian western settler identity.

I make use of photography, archival photographs, digital manipulation, food, molecules, found objects, and a skeptical sense of humour to explore the connections between foundational and discarded historical perspectives and experiences, with a goal of establishing new inclusive narratives out of this process.

My recent body of work relates to the softening of the contours of a memory with time. Printed on cloth, small creases may appear on the surface, implying that care is required when unearthing the past. A focus on discarded scenes and materials are interwoven with themes of humour and being able to laugh in the face of misfortune.

Bryce is represented by Christine Klassen Gallery.

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